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Budget Management

Budget Management

Budget Management

Such an important part of a catering function, yet never the reason why you became a caterer! We can help you ensure this part of your role and remit is fully under control, giving you peace of mind and time to focus on your core role.

Our in-house CIMA-qualified accountant has almost a decade of experience in the foodservice industry and he draws on this expertise to support you via training and advice. This will enable you to effectively manage your budgets and get the most from your available spend, ensuring value, reporting/traceability and putting in place clear processes that will help you.

Read more, in this case study…

Case study


At the BMA in Central London, we delivered a training session on budget management for 38 ISBA Catering Conference delegates.

The aim was to provide advice regarding managing budgets in uncertain times, and the content and tips were aimed at Catering Managers.

These types of sessions are also available and suitable for smaller groups and at an individual client level, and can be adapted to the specific client’s challenges and needs.

What we did

The agenda covered:

  • Considerations when planning a catering budget

  • Managing a catering budget through the year

  • Identifying costs

  • Explaining what influences food prices

  • Challenges facing the food industry in 2017 and beyond

The outcome

The hour-long session was well received and included time for breakout exercises and an opportunity for delegates to ask questions and have some 1-2-1 time with our expert speaker.

All delegates were provided with advice, useful handouts and were followed up after the event to see how they were doing and if further support was needed. We left everyone with 8 key tips, including:

  • Budget for uncertainty, 5% to 8%

  • Take stock accurately and regularly

  • Separate core and non core costs – avoid “wooden dollar’’ syndrome

(To learn the remaining 5, you will have to attend our training or request avisso budget management consultancy!)