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Cleaning and Housekeeping

Cleaning and Housekeeping

Not strictly under catering, but certainly related and often linked, our avisso team can offer expertise when it comes to ensuring you have the best housekeeping processes and set up in place. They can offer unbiased advice on cleaning products, bespoke to your needs, and undertake benchmarks to ensure you are receiving value for money. Their expertise extends to the ability to review contractor set-ups and the service clients are receiving, and make recommendations for improvement. We will always ensure the service and contractor strategy is in line with your organisational objectives. Areas we can explore for you are:

  • A full assessment of the existing contracted cleaning service to assess value for money.

  • A full review of the existing contractual arrangements: assessing the delivery of SLAs, fees and charges, and other stated contractor obligations.

  • Assessment of current staffing structure, training and resource allocation, including materials, methods and equipment. Benchmarking efficiency against output.

  • Cleaning product review and benchmark to ensure value.

  • Health and Safety assessments (see also Compliance)

Case Study

Background and brief

The client had a requirement to commission an assessment of their outsourced cleaning services. avisso created a detailed proposal to answer the client’s objectives, then performed the review, producing a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations.

The client identified three key areas for the scope of this project:

  • A full assessment of the existing contracted cleaning service. The key objective was to measure performance against output and assess value for money

  • A full review of the existing contractual arrangements: assessing the delivery of SLAs, fees and charges, and other stated contractor obligations

  • Assessment of current staffing structure, and resource allocation, including materials, methods and equipment. Benchmarking efficiency against output

What we did

The avisso team reviewed detailed data (examples are shown below) and visited the client site to undertake observations to make recommendations to implement/put in place:

  1. Details of charges, fees and costs, presented by the contractor to the school for a typical month

  2. Staffing rotas

  3. Staff job descriptions and specifications

  4. Training records

  5. Cleaning specifications by area – methods/frequency

  6. Cleaning schedules by area – verification records

  7. Inventory of cleaning equipment – if available

  8. List of cleaning products, including COSHH data

This list is not exhaustive.


The specialist housekeeping consultant created a 45-page report for the client with detailed recommendations. This document:

  • measured how effective the existing service was, in terms of performance and achieved standards

  • benchmarked the service to provide an assessment of the value received by the client

  • reviewed the contract and contractor’s obligations

  • reviewed the staffing structure, resource allocation, methods and equipment

  • suggested areas where improvements to the service may be achieved

It was found that the standard of cleaning being achieved varied between ‘below standard’ and ‘satisfactory’.  It was also identified that the client’s infrastructure presented some challenges for cleaning and for the contractor to therefore do an outstanding job. Suitable recommendations were made (see next section).

The rate per hour was identified as being high for the labour costs incurred.

Other factors affecting the overall value achieved by the client included Health & Safety, Equipment, Materials and Training. There were noticeable shortfalls in all these elements of the service being provided by the existing contractor.

A summary of findings

  • The staff lacked the tools and skills required to provide a quality service

  • The operation at the time was not being effectively managed or supervised

  • There was no breakdown in communications between the client and cleaning contractor

  • No ongoing or refresher training was being provided

  • There were several Health & Safety issues requiring attention.

The consultant concluded that the contractor did not provide a value for money cleaning service for this client. It should be noted that this is an unbiased view as the consultant does not offer a cleaning contractor service, so is able to be very fair in findings and recommendations.

Summary of recommendations

  • The client should become more involved in the cleaning operation in terms of overseeing the contractor and monitoring the service. Contractors will always apply their available management resources where they are most needed. Without active involvement from the client, the contractor is liable to allow standards and processes to deteriorate

  • Where responsibility for overseeing the operation is devolved down to the caretakers, clear guidance must be provided as to what is expected and the processes to be followed

  • The contractor’s management team should be attending on site more frequently than is currently the case. There is reluctance by the current contractor to devolve any authority to the supervisor and to keep all decision making with the Managing Director.

  • Where possible, the contractor should consider allowing the Site Supervisor to make day-to-day decisions. At present the supervisor is a much underused resource. Their tasks and remit should be reviewed.

  • Systems and processes should be put in place to provide the client with management information from which they can make informed decisions about the cleaning. These systems will include periodic progress meetings and joint monitoring with the contractor

  • Comprehensive, quality training should be provided to all staff to enable them to discharge their duties safely and effectively

  • The Health & Safety issues highlighted within the body of the avisso report should be dealt with promptly

  • The cleaning specification should be updated to provide a working, usable document for the contract

The client is currently working their way through these and avisso will then undertake an assessment 1 year on, as part of the initial consultancy project service, to review the impact these changes have made. avisso are able to assist in the communication of these recommendations to other stakeholders with in the on-site team and to the contractor should the client find this useful.