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HR and Training

HR and Training

We understand how key your team is to the delivery of your foodservice and can support you with regards to change management, recruitment challenges or delicate staffing issues, such as:

  • catering and performance management

  • production and service teams

  • finding the right people

  • training and development

  • designing training programmes

Our HR specialist is CIPD accredited, a Liberating Leadership Practitioner a member of The Recruitment and Employment Confderation (REC).

Case Study:
Supporting compliance and confidence through training and understanding


This case study looks at the support provided to a school feeding approximately 285 pupils and 130 staff (academic and domestic) from a central kitchen to a multi-use dining room. Lunch is the main meal of the day. The pre-prep and prep school receive a family-style service, and the senior school is served from the main servery counters.

The brief

The Bursar and the Catering Manager identified three key requirements within the scope of this project:

  • That the choice, variety, quality, nutritional content and appeal of the catering offer is commensurate with the high expectations of the school, aligned with best practice within the independent school sector

  • That the food offer is both qualitatively and quantitatively delivered with effective and measurable cost controls

  • That the staffing and management structures of both services are fit for purpose, and that staff headcount and hours are aligned with the pre-defined output.

Recommendations made by avisso

  • Saffron implementation

  • Waste logging

  • In-house training and mentoring

  • Briefing team meetings before lunch service

  • Encouragement of further feedback

The Catering Manager competently manages the catering department, and the school is fortunate to have a diligent, caring and able brigade. The consultant felt this was reflected throughout the school community.

Financial savings will be achieved by reducing the pre-prep and prep food cost, reviewing the staffing structure to better align it with output, and streamlining the pre-prep and prep lunch service.

The kitchen has achieved 5 stars from the local authority Environmental Health Officer. This is a further reflection of the commitment of the staff.

Quality of food is within the upper quartile of similar independent schools. Although a well-balanced and appealing menu is on offer, further nutritional changes – as suggested by avisso – will ensure compliance with the School Food Plan.

Further actions

avisso were subsequently commissioned to conduct a full review of procedures and training regarding allergy practices. avisso’s Registered Dietitian carried out full refresher training for all catering staff covering food allergies and intolerances, symptoms and prevalence and measures to reduce the risk in all areas.

An exam was taken at the end of the sessions with the marks indicating everyone had achieved a good level of knowledge around allergens and the management of students with food allergies in a catering environment.

The consultant and dietitian spent a day with the catering team observing and monitoring the current systems in place. avisso have introduced a bespoke template for a Food Allergen Policy for the school – this should be rolled out to all departments – not just catering.


We left a confident, refreshed team and are confident that the robust systems in place will ensure full compliance.