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Nutrition and Dietetics

Our fully qualified (BSc RD) and professionally registered Dietitian is on hand to support the development of nutrition strategies. We stay abreast of current issues – for example labelling and sugar tax – and can help you when it comes to analysing your menus and recipes, and developing modifications. We can undertake a review of recipes and develop an Allergen Portal for your consumers. We support the communication of health messages and are available to run workshops for your catering team or in schools, for students, to educate them about healthy eating and nutrition.

Nutrition and Dietetics

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Case Study

The client, a school, feeds approximately 300 girls and 60 staff from a central kitchen to a multi-use dining room. Lunch is the main meal of the day served family service style and there is an important hospitality and events requirement.
The Breakfast Club regularly feeds between 40 and 50 children each day and the catering department also supplies morning milk, crudités, and a selection of sandwiches, fresh fruit and biscuits for the teaching staff.
The brief
avisso were asked to undertake a review of the food and general catering offering to make sure:
  • the choice, variety, quality, nutritional content and appeal of the catering offer is commensurate with the high expectations of the school, and is aligned with best practice within the independent school sector
  • the policies, procedures and practical Food Safety and Health and Safety controls within catering are relevant, operate at maximum efficiency and are legally compliant
  • That the food offer is both qualitatively and quantitatively delivered with effective and measurable cost controls
  • That the staffing and management structures of both services are fit for purpose, and that staff headcount and hours are aligned with the pre-defined output
Recommendations made by avisso
avisso carried out a full menu review over 4 weeks, which was benchmarked against the criteria of the School Food Plan. The menus offer good choice and, whilst it is not a legal requirement for Independent Schools to adhere to these standards, they are encouraged to align with its principles.
Recommendations were made for changes and additions that will benefit the whole school.
It was recommended that the school begin to use Saffron (a catering control software platform) to track plate cost, stock audits and core feeding costs for commercial benefits.
Workflow and food preparation were also placed under scrutiny and recommendations made to improve workflow by removing redundant equipment and implementing the reconfiguration of preparation areas.
The regular monitoring of staff and incentives were recommended. Recognition, ideas and feedback from the team would encourage a culture of inclusion.
Small changes were recommended throughout the catering department that would enhance the catering offer.
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